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Ioncube, for your and our security

All plug-ins have been encrypted using Ioncube. This guarantees that plug-in components have not been modified by third parties.
The encryption ensures that the plug-in will work as intended and that transactions will always be processed correctly and securely.
Obviously, the Ioncube encryption is not only applied for your security but also for that of The encryption allows us to guarantee that transactions are processed correctly and established securely. It also allows to protect its own property against unauthorized use by third parties.
In order to make use of the plug-ins, Ioncube must be active on your server. If you are unsure whether this is the case, it is best to check this with your hosting provider.

Another option is to download the following file and place it on your web server. When you access this script via your browser, you will be able to instantly tell whether Ioncube is active. Should this not be the case, you will immediately see a number of steps you can take to activate Ioncube.

Download the Ioncube loader wizard here.

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